Luxury Apartments in Business Bay

Luxury Apartments in Business Bay

Business Bay is one of the esteemed addresses in Dubai which becomes the apex of an opulent lifestyle. Bestowing itself to high spirited living this community is a mixed-used metropolitan concept. It locates on the south side of the alluring Downtown Dubai that has established luxury properties including commercial and residential ones.  As per its name, Business Bay depicts that the community is suitable for the professionals who desire to live near to their workplaces. Influenced by Manhattan New York in the US the Business Bay is undoubtedly the primary business centre that branches out of Sheikh Zayed and Al khail road. DxB Lux Homes presents you with the luxury apartments in Business Bay that cater to both small and large families.

The Opus Apartments in Business Bay

The Opus is considered the ultra-chic establishment by the maestro Omniyat. There appears a diversity of furnished luxury apartments developed by the world-famous designer Zaha Hadid. In order to reshape the lifestyle of the inner city, the luxury apartments in the Opus proffers the real taste of extravagance.

Why Invest in luxury apartments in The Opus

These luxury properties for sale in Dubai exhibit the eternal elegance and magnificence being the consequence of astounding attributes.

  • Situated at the eye captivating tower
  • The spacious one to three bedroom luxury apartments for sale
  • Offering spectacular scenes of the dancing fountain
  • Build using the top-class quality material
  • Provision of high-end amenities for the residents to ensure their comfort

Peninsula Apartments in Business Bay

In Business Bay is an oceanfront residential community that comes with the bliss of a modish lifestyle. This flawless property is loaded with top-of-the-line home attributes that let you choose the affluent living where you can avail anything with easy access.

The Peninsula was developed by the most famous architect which depicts highly featured luxury property for sale in Dubai with top-notch finishes and interior. You can enjoy the deluxe lifestyle that does not only join Dubai Canal but also old as well as new Dubai. Each portion of the establishment has been wisely planned to let you enjoy an active lifestyle.

Why Invest in luxury apartments in The Opus

The below-mentioned characteristics demonstrate the fact that the life in the luxury apartments in Peninsula is exceptional.

  • Comprising roomy bedrooms of one and three apartments
  • Surrounded by the bundle of exclusive facilities for both the visitors and residents
  • Chance to watch Burj Khalifa right from the window of your luxury apartment
  • It conveniently connects you to the famous landmarks of the city
  • Besides the canal of Dubai, it manifests prestigious location

All in all, the luxury apartments in Business Bay have to be one of the lavish properties in Dubai. If you are also seeking luxury apartments for sale in Dubai then you can choose from the above-mentioned areas in Business Bay namely The opus and Peninsula. In this regard, we have expert real estate agents who take you through the smooth process of finding luxury properties. As DxB Lux Homes make sure to render our clients with pleasure and comfort.


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