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We are the Real Estate brokerage that brings you a fusion of experience, state of technique, and luxury real estate in Dubai. At DxB Lux Homes we have the expertise in finding you exclusively premium luxurious properties across the city in Dubai, UAE. Most of it is in some esteemed locations no matter if it’s Dubai Villas, lands, or luxury homes in Dubai. At this level, our goal is to assist the investors, tenants for the luxury property Dubai while carefully linking and fostering them. We aim to keep this process simple with well-founded market elements to serve coming generations. Choose DxB Lux Homes and you will get personalised guidance either for both the land and residential property as per your liking.


Staying in Dubai Villas means a perfect combination of lifestyle and luxury. We have various Dubai luxury villas for sale with subtle Arabian architecture.


Luxury penthouse Dubai is brought to you by DxB Lux Homes. We provide you with the ultra-deluxe experience full of leisure at a penthouse in Dubai.


The luxury townhouse Dubai is captivating to all the families of high society. We promise to get the castle-like experience at reputable locations.


In the heart of the city, Dubai luxury apartments await you with the most colourful experience. The exceptional and eye-catching projects are designed for residents and holidaymakers.

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Luxury Property for Sale in Dubai

Checkout the recently added Luxury Properties for Sale in Dubai. Find your ideal Proprty in Dubai located throughout the city mainly areas like Palm Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, Arabian Ranches, Bluewaters, City Walk, Business Bay, Dubai Creek Harbour, Beachfront, and Dubai Hills Estate, and others.

Undoubtedly getting a luxury property in Dubai can be counted as an exceptional winning. As Dubai guarantees heaven that is loaded with a bunch of new experiences for tenants and residents. You should also not miss the opportunity to buy luxury homes in Dubai where you get a high-end lifestyle. Attributing absolute neighborhood, bountiful living, and exquisite interior. Thus the city has a lot to offer to every one of you. If you are willing to invest and seeking to buy a premium luxury penthouse, villas, or apartment in Dubai, we are ready to provide you with all the assistance however we have a collection of the finest luxury properties in Dubai such as Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Golf Estate, Bluewaters, Beachfront, and Dubai Hills Estate, and others.

FAQ’s for the First Time Property Buyer in UAE

Undoubtedly, Dubai being the wonder of housing engineering while possessing the world-known landmarks. However, it has become the dream destination to reside in for mostly home buyers. Those who have a hefty budget wish to buy luxury property in UAE. But the twist here is that entering the real estate market seems to be a difficult task for first time property buyers in Dubai. There are various factors that need to be studied beforehand otherwise you could end up making the wrong decision. The most obvious reason is their first encounter and less knowledge of the buying procedure. Hence if you are also a newbie and want to make it convenient then you should give this write-up a read. As DxB Lux Homes are giving solutions to the most asked FAQS.

Is buying a home in Dubai a good investment?

If taking long-term investment and opulent lifestyle into account then buying luxurious homes in Dubai is a win-win situation. On the other hand, it proffers high ROI in comparison with other established real estate industries. In general, the buyers can maintain a gross rental value of up to 5 to 9%. Also, you do not have to pay property tax which made it a worthwhile investment.

Which is the suitable neighbourhood for buying luxury homes in Dubai?

Picking the community that caters to your family’s needs is quite important while looking for luxury property Dubai. You have the choice of almost 20 neighbourhoods that resides throughout a radius of 20 km which is in the vicinity of the central business spot.

The city got vibrant areas for residential purposes including Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai, and others.

Which kind of amenities is included with the luxury property Dubai?

Dubai residents have become familiar with the diverse range of amenities and recreational activities without paying any extra amount under the preset property contract. Therefore, it is to ensure that the residents should get the desired high standard in each sector. In addition to it, most custom-built residential neighbourhoods are meant to share their golf and equestrian amenities.

What kind of luxury property for sale in Dubai?

Since the luxury property for sale in Dubai has energetically boomed to its exception. Home buyers who seek luxury properties can get an exceptional variety of living options. You can opt for futuristic Dubai luxury apartments, villas, and townhouses that stretch to the blue sky of Dubai. However, apartments are quite popular kind of residential property that buyers prefer. Additionally, there are other duplexes and triplexes other than apartments which also attract the homeowners’ eyes.

In a nutshell, we tried to answer all the important questions that the first-time buyer needs to know. Although, the guidance can make the property dealing hassle-free. For this fact, DxB Lux Homes have tried to clear all the doubts that a newbie property investor could get. However, in case you are still not fully satisfied then you can get further assistance from our agent so that you can own luxury homes in Dubai.

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