The Best Areas to Buy Luxury Apartments in Dubai

The Best Areas to Buy Luxury Apartments in Dubai

The world’s superlative city that does not sleep as it constantly expands and grows for you to explore its new offerings. However, talking about the market of the luxury property Dubai which beholds the establishment of new thousands of neighbourhoods. In addition to it, possessing extraordinary skilful planning provided the city’s world-known class of luxury. The luxury property for sale in Dubai comes off as a highly regarded choice amongst ex-pats as well as international investors. Are you also wondering to buy a property in this city? If yes then there are several opulent locations including Palm Jumeirah, Blue waters, Beachfront, and Oceanfront living in Dubai.

 Find the below list of the best areas to buy luxury apartments in Dubai.

dubai Harbor

Residences in Bluewaters Dubai

With a prime selection of exclusive penthouses, villas, and apartments Bluewaters is a stylish yet family-friendly island location. Also, with the revolutionary spirit that combines beachfront living with the breathtaking suburban city lifestyle. Residents can enjoy the perks of watching the scenic views of the Dubai Skyline and Coast. There is a group of 10 towers while 7 townhouses render diverse floor schemes with plenty of amenities. On the other hand, the luxury penthouses in Dubai comprise spacious bedroom units with elegant interiors. Also, for tourists and residents, the Bluewaters features the world’s highest Ferris wheel Ain Dubai.

Residences in Beachfront Dubai

Situated off the Palm Jumeirah, Beachfront has characterised 27 buildings that have the benefit of personal waterfront. These high-class towers have gotten a wide range of luxury homes in Dubai with up to 4 bedrooms in the contemporary Dubai Harbour. They are designed with modern finesse to attract a buyer. Besides, these Dubai luxury apartments will cater to the magical scenes of clear blue waters of the Arabian peninsula. On top of that, the residents, as well as visitors, can see famous attractions here like the Cruise Terminal.

Residences in Oceanfront Living Dubai

One of the most happening neighbourhoods for residents, tourists, and businesses is known to be the Dubai Oceanfront Living. Keeping the needs and comfort of the buyers the luxury properties in this area are constructed to bring balance to the community. Presently, there appear two sub-residential projects that come with their extravagant amenities. You can find Dubai luxury villas for sale and exclusive apartments here.

Residences in Palm Jumeirah

Another biggest reclamation development Palm Jumeirah Dubai is a spectacular island made by men. Resting on the Arabian sea coast this eye-captivating landmark carries a shape of a palm tree. Boasting an exquisite blend of luxury properties like hotels, townhouses, apartments, duplexes, and penthouses. Coming the interior of the micro-district is quite well-developed without any doubt. However, the lavish lifestyle and high-end amenities make it a globally elite, sophisticated, and prosperous society. Not just this, to serve the enthusiasts buyers the Palm Jumeirah provides assorted entertainment amenities, gourmet restaurants, and classy cafes all in one place.

All in all, Dubai city seems to be the world’s best location to make a sound investment. If you are also seeking a profitable source of investment then you can safely invest in the upper mentioned apartments projects.  However, to make your experience better DXB Lux Homes is at your service. As you can get in touch with our real estate agents in case of any doubts.


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