Popular areas to rent commercial properties in Dubai

Popular areas to rent commercial properties in Dubai

There is no doubt in saying that Dubai remains a dynamic commercial centre of UAE to date. However, this happens because of the blooming entrepreneurship choices that are provided in this city so that the commercial real estate can also grow to a large extent. In this regard, the government of the UAE has proposed several laws to make the property industry beneficial for both native as well as the foreign investors. Even though in the crucial phase of COVID19 the city’s economy was regained to the normal again against all the chaos. At that time it welcomed all the corporates and entrepreneurs to revamp their business in Dubai. Therefore, if you are also an entrepreneur and looking for a valuable opportunity in this city then continue to read this write-up. As DxB Lux Homes bring you all the details about the popular areas to rent commercial properties in Dubai.

Business Bay

As the name suggests Business Bay is known to be the business centre that captures the hefty share of the most preferable locations for rental purposes. It can be regarded as one of the best areas to rent commercial properties in Dubai because it is in the proximity to city’s famous landmarks. On the other hand, the Business Bay Dubai renders convenient connectivity with the well-liked routes like Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Safa, and others. In addition, it catches the eye of most business owners as this place is both for commercial and residential real estate.

Al Qouz

The place that comes second in the list of the popular areas to rent commercial properties is Al Qouz. Not just it comprises of commercial properties for sale but also covers the residential market. The commercial sector situates on the south west side of the city while the residential sector has the north east location. Encompassing the Al Serkal District Avenue which is famous for its creative architecture. Al Qouz Dubai is an industrial region and is also a place for large firms and agencies. Furthermore, for those who want to rent a warehouse can find one in Al Qouz.

Jebel Ali

In order to run your business actively in enterprise and mass production in Dubai then investing in the wide-reaching commercial properties in Dubai. You might know this place as the biggest port in Dubai that resides in the free zone outskirts of the southern side. Not only for the residents but Jebel Ali Dubai let the international business investors to rent the commercial property in Dubai. There appears range of commercial property kinds that are readily accessible. For instance, aggregate units to the substantially furnished warehouses and well-assisted camps for labours.

Besides being a perfect tourist spot, the reputation of Dubai’s commercial industry enhanced itself because of the potent commercial areas. The inventory is humongous and one can find the commercial property for rent within budget. Thereupon if you are also thinking to establish the office of your company in Dubai look for the sought-after commercial areas for rent conveniently.


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