2 Bedroom Apartment for Sale with Payment Plan



An elegant 12-storey building that includes studios, and one and two-bedroom apartments. The residence features a slew of wellness and entertainment amenities that add to its exclusivity.

This Building stands out for its distinct geometries as it soars against Dubai’s dazzling city views. The building features an
eye-catching façade that’s punctuated by balconies. An air of tranquillity and calm is weaved around the residence with a thoughtfully designed podium that features inviting walkways and plenty of dedicated areas for relaxation and healthy activities. The rooftop captures the exclusivity of the residence with a slew of amenities including an infinity pool, and a lavish lounge with a viewing deck.

Floor to Ceiling Heights

Living Room: ± 3 m

Bedrooms: ± 3 m

Bathrooms: ± 2.4 m

Kitchen: ± 2.4 m


1 Arcade Room
2 Outdoor Lounge Area

3 Table Tennis Area
4 Indoor Fitness Studio

5 Outdoor Fitness Area

6 Outdoor Yoga Deck

7 Male & Female Changing Rooms 8 Steam Shower & Sauna Rooms
9 Bathroom for People Determination

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