THE BEATING HEART OF A CITY | 2 Bedroom Apartment for Sale


Known for its opulent neighborhoods and wealth of exciting destinations, MBR City has emerged as a calm and sophisticated retreat within the heart of the city. Designed as a self-sufficient community, it’s surrounded by a lush, green landscape, and home to a mixture of schools, restaurants, and retail stores. Standing at the heart of the community, Kensington Waters is a stone’s throw from some of the city’s most beloved landmarks such as The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Design District.

In a fast-paced world where each new day brings about new adventures, Kensington Waters serves as the perfect backdrop to lead a contented, modern, and fulfilling life. The development is inspired by the natural elements of water, echoing wellness, health, and happiness, and offering a haven of beauty in the heart of a thriving city. The building’s lighting accents the vertical facade features, and provides a wash of warm light to the building’s crown, standing out with elegance and poise.

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