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WELCOME TO A PLACE THAT REDEFINES THE PARAMETERS OF LUXURY. Where the line between the opulence of nature and the elegance of the home is blurred, and life is lived amid the emerald brilliance of shade-casting trees, tropical plants in bloom, and the bedazzlement of the world’s rarest jewels.

It takes its inspiration from the abundance of emeralds and diamonds only to be found in the master-jeweler’s most celebrated pieces.

Stroll between the Podium’s exotic trees and flowers before casting your gaze towards Safa One’s two towers, where enchanted gardens ascend the building like a necklace of jade, strung from the sky.

This stunning, self-contained architectural treasure is 32 meters high and graced by manicured landscapes, birds on the wing and an elegant selection of cafes and restaurants. Its state-of-the-art climate-control system allows it to produce tropical rain at select moments of the day, offering you an experience found nowhere else on Earth.

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